We are proud to offer an extraordinary amount of scholarships and financial aid. Our primary goal is to make sure that everyone who wants a good camp experience can afford it. The ASU Hugh Downs School of Human Communication Invitational offers scholarships to camp in lieu of trophies or plaques for students who advance beyond preliminary rounds. SWSDI is also proud to offer scholarships for achieving elimination rounds at State Championship tournaments around the country. These scholarship awards are transferrable, and “stackable” – meaning that if you have a teammate who is graduating and wins a scholarship, they can transfer their award (or awards) to you. We accept multiple of these scholarships, up to 60% off the total cost of camp. The award amounts are as follows:

    HDSHCI Awards

  • Advancing to Elimination Rounds: 15% discount
  • Advancing to Final Rounds: 30% discount
    State Championship Tournament Awards

  • Advancing to Elimination Rounds (Octafinals – top 16 – in Debate, Semifinals – top 12 – in Speech events) – 10% discount
  • Advancing to Finals – 15% discount
  • State Championship – 20% discount

We also provide need-based financial aid to students who require additional assistance to attend camp. If you are interested in need-based financial aid, please fill out the form below and we will contact you about making an arrangement.

  • Financial Aid Disclosure

    Please fill out the following to the best of your ability so that we can make determinations regarding need-based financial aid. We will keep this information private.
  • Please enter a number from 7 to 12.
    Student's grade in fall of this year
  • The name of the school the student will attend in the fall.
    Please check all that apply.
    Please note, Commuter Status may only be granted to students who live in the Phoenix Metro area.
  • Please select the range that most closely estimates your GROSS household income.
  • Please list the maximum amount your family would be able to contribute to the cost of tuition.
  • Please enter the number of dependent persons in the household.
  • Please list the name, relationship, and age of each member of the household. (one per line, please.)
  • Please provide the reason why it is important that the student be able to attend SWSD@ASU, and the importance of Speech and Debate to the student. You may also describe any extenuating circumstances concerning the family's personal or financial situation that may not be reflected in the other information collected on this form. Students and parents are encouraged to write this note together.