More Frequently Asked Questions

How are you connected to ASU?
ASU Forensics in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication has assumed management of Southwest Speech and Debate. The ASU Forensics team has a long history of excellence, and is striving to improve the community by continuing to offer a top-quality camp experience that is affordable and accessible.
How are students supervised?
Students spend the majority of their time 9 am to 9 pm with their coaches in lab, and eat meals together in the dining hall or on ASU’s campus. After 9 pm, once students are all back inside the Barrett gates and the commuters have gone home, they are supervised by the resident coaches who all stay on the same floors with our students.
What happens if I can’t stay the whole time?
Occasionally we do have students who need to come late or leave early. We are able to accommodate you accordingly, but we do incur most of our expense up-front when it comes to room and board. We can possibly prorate some of the expenses for rooms and meals if we have the information in advance. Contact by May 15th.
I’m coming from out of town, how does transportation to and from the airport work?
We request that you provide us specific information for your flights as soon as you know it (flight number, airline, time, etc.). We provide a shuttle service to and from the airport. We will pick you up and drop you off at whatever terminal you are flying into. Campus is only about 2 miles from the airport, and we will make sure you (or your student) is in good hands for the trip.
How is food taken care of?
Breakfast is provided each morning by the SWSD@ASU staff. For lunches, each student will be provided with a card loaded with a set amount of ASU’s Maroon and Gold dollars, which can be spent at any location in ASU’s Memorial Union. For dinner, we will eat in the Barrett Dining Hall, which features a variety of choices each night. For more information on the food available, please check out Sun Devil Dining
What is the schedule every day?
We have breakfast at 8, begin labs at 9, and have lectures and activities until 9 pm each evening. We break for lunch around noon, and have dinner around 5:00pm. Bed-check is at 11 pm.
When is Money due?
Your Tuition balance is due by the time Camp begins. We can make different arrangements if that is necessary. Please contact us at if you’d like to make alternative payment arrangements.
Can I do one week of a two-week event?
Our curriculum is carefully planned to use every minute of camp for something productive, with each lesson and activity leading into the next skill. Regardless whether the student is a novice or advanced, the student will miss important parts of the camp experience.
I am a coach, is there any way for me to come learn about these events?
We do a multitude of coaching scholarships each year. Please contact the camp director for more information.
Aren’t they ever going to have any fun?
We think speech and debate IS fun. This is an academic, competitive camp for students who have competed or want to compete in Speech and Debate. Students will be busy doing something they love, but we won’t be spending hours and hours off task – even our games are designed to help students become better speakers, listeners, and thinkers.
How are students supervised?
Barrett is a very secure, gated facility. It requires key-card access for external gates, and internal elevators for the dormitories. Each floor we occupy has SWSD@ASU Staff members in residence to supervise and assist. When using ASU facilities, students are escorted by their lab leaders to classrooms and lunch on the main ASU campus. We do a bed-check at 11PM.
Can I visit my student?
We understand that it can be difficult to leave your student in the care of others for a week or two. However, in order to make sure camp functions properly and students get the appropriate experience from it, we are unable to allow visits from parents, especially to the dorms. For two-week campers, parents may visit during the free time on the mid-camp Sunday.
My student has an appointment, an exam, or some sort of pressing obligation. Can I pick her up?
Certainly! This is something that we frequently encounter. Please let us know prior to the beginning of camp, if possible, so we can schedule it accordingly. If something comes up during camp, please contact our Student Life Coordinator at the phone number in the welcome packet. The SLC will be happy to help fetch your student from class, and get them to the right place when they return.