Public Forum Debate

PF Debaters doing a practice round

SWSD@ASU’s two week long PF curriculum is designed to enhance students’ research, speaking, and partnership/teamwork skills. Public Forum is a partnered debate event centering relevant current events in government, public policy, and law. Due to the size and variance in experience levels our lab brings in each year, we cater to all students, breaking them into layered groups. Ranging from the foundational and basic aspects of PF to advanced framework and building case narratives, our lab emphasizes several topics that will help PF debaters grow and develop. Through a combination of in-depth lectures and hands-on, interactive drills and activities, PF students learn how to research effectively, write cases cogently, and speak confidently, leaving with skills and knowledge pivotal to debate success.

PF Camp is 2 Weeks: July 1st – 15th