COVID-19 – Our Plan – SWSD Online

Update: 4/19/2020 –

After a careful read of the situation at ASU, and on the ground, we have decided that SWSD2020 will be conducted online. This means a few things: First, our prices have dropped dramatically! A one-week session will drop to $445, and two weeks of camp will be $695. That is one of the best deals in the industry, and a tremendous value for money. We are working on building a staff and an online curriculum that will provide our students with lots of practice, amazing resources, and as much of a sense of togetherness that we can offer with our current, rather isolated, circumstances. Our core value is community first. Always. We want to make sure that we build strong community ties with one another, while we help to develop the skills you need. We regret that we can’t be with you in person, but we are confident that we can build an online community that is strong, stable, and that will be there to help you into the season.

Dear Coaches, Students, Parents, and Staff –

You’ve seen this letter, and others like it probably 1000 times the last couple of weeks. We are deeply concerned about the outbreak of COVID-19, and the wave of school closures, tournament cancellations, and event postponements that have resulted. We are particularly sensitive at this time to the disappointment felt by many students who have had most of the remainder of their speech and debate season cancelled. We feel your frustration, and share it acutely.

We want to let you know that we are, at present, continuing to prepare for SWSD2020. We are making our arrangements and eagerly anticipating hosting a fantastic camp for our students. We are, however, carefully monitoring the circumstances, paying close attention to guidance from the CDC, and evaluating the situation at ASU. We will continue to reassess as the situation changes.

If we hold camp as planned, we will continue to take all precautions necessary to protect the health and well being of our students, including having staff dedicated to student life, and full cooperation with the ASU Health Services team. If the situation changes substantially, we may decide to move to online instruction, or we may decide that it is in everybody’s best interest that we cancel this year’s session. Of course, in that event, we will provide full refunds to anyone who has paid us for registration/tuition. If you should wish to cancel your participation, we will also provide full refunds.

We hope things will settle down soon. We hope everybody stays safe and healthy. Please follow the relevant CDC guidance for good health and hygeine, and practice social isolation as much as possible. The more we can do to “flatten the curve”, the better off we all will be (and the likelier that we’ll be able to have camp!)

You are the reason that we choose to run this camp each year. We want to wish you all the very best in this difficult time.


The SWSD Administrative Staff